Human Resources


Values of diversity, equality, and talent synergy within a people-centred international group.

One history, one culture and common values

For more than a century, the men and women of the CAHORS Group have shaped the company that exists today. The Human Resources policy is designed to facilitate individual and collective performance in all the group’s entities. Our organisation creates access to professional development for all employees. Appreciative of the Group’s rich history, culture, and values, it reconciles the requirements of the present, while preparing for the future.

Ensuring social and human balance 

Trust in people is one of the company’s core principles. The Group’s policy is to adopt a social and responsible approach, embodied by an approach based around the following principles:

  • Making diversity a driver of performance, motivation, and commitment for employees. Concrete actions are undertaken in several key areas: non-discrimination, equality, and gender equality, employment of young people (particularly through work-study programmes) and retention of older employees, integration and adaptation of jobs for the disabled, etc.;
  • Adapting our systems in line with our social partners and developing a truly constructive social dialogue;
  • Preserving the company’s human values and integrating them into governance methods and into the practices of all employees and stakeholders by means of our Social Responsibility Charter.

Focused Human Resources teams

Human Resources teams are in place in all CAHORS entities at every stage of the employee’s career: hiring, integration, follow-up, and career development. 

They support our managers and employees on a daily basis, with a constant focus on the Group’s main principles:

  • Attracting and valuing talent, which can flourish in all of the company’s business areas; 
  • Developing our skills and expertise to meet market needs while solidifying the career paths of our employees;
  • Supporting organizational changes.

Human adventure on a planetary scale

By implementing a cutting-edge industrial development strategy, CAHORS has expanded its business outside of France, into Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, India, China, and more countries.  All of our sites are established with a respect for cultures and people. They are always connected and promote synergy.

From the research stage to the production and marketing of the product, all of our industrial units and all CAHORS business areas are interconnected to enhance skills. Sharing local expertise and maximizing synergy are the pillars of the group’s industrial policy and create an incredible opportunity for the world.

Your responsibility is not to predict the future but rather to make it happen. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry