Smart Metering

Measurement, monitoring and network communication solutions 

To respond to network operating issues

Faced with new environmental and social challenges, CAHORS is committed to ensuring the fair supply of electricity and allowing production that is perfectly suitable for consumption, making the production and consumption of energy efficient.

CAHORS has been a key player in the development of connected Smart Networks (Smart Grids) for nearly 30 years. CAHORS systems are focused on intelligence and synergy between communications and electronics. They are part of the technological revolution fuelling the development of smart electrical networks and micro-networks. CAHORS combines its expertise in the energy business with smart objects to offer comprehensive, tailor-made solutions.

The “smart meter” product range includes: Metering concentrator, cyber-security equipment, metering media and connection kits. Smart metering systems enable network managers to reduce maintenance time, provide accurate billing, manage consumption, reduce non-technical losses and improve supply. CAHORS designs smart metering solutions to meet its customers’ requirements. 

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