Urban equipment

Postal distribution equipment, public lighting, and charging terminals for electric vehicles 

CAHORS offers a range of urban equipment designed for urban and suburban areas.

Involved in the development of urban and suburban areas, CAHORS offers you a range of standard or customised Public Lighting equipment to suit your needs. CAHORS also proposes a wide range of equipment for individual and collective postal distribution, as well as a full range of charging terminals for electric vehicles.

At the heart of urban development, CAHORS is the only French manufacturer to design and produce the market’s most extensive range of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles at our home in France. Firmly focused on electric mobility, CAHORS wants to allow users to charge their electric vehicle under any circumstance, and offers a wide range of charging terminals for specific uses in a plethora of environments (corporate fleets, roadside charging, car sharing, electro-mobility corridors, etc.). CAHORS also offers a range of reliable and economic public lighting equipment.

This equipment is designed to facilitate the metering and control of standard and customised public lighting installations. CAHORS also offers a range of individual and collective letterboxes. These components are weather resistant and made of a composite material. A range of connected parcel boxes are also available. A special urban functions package: customised equipment for all uses.

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