Recruitment policy


Evolving for and with the CAHORS Group: many career opportunities and challenges within an international group.

For dynamic management of the Group’s business areas and skills

In recruitment and career management, the Group factors in changes brought about by the internationalisation of energy markets and the appearance of new business areas. 

They are the result of technological upheavals in energy, as well as widespread digitalisation in our products and production resources.

Targeted hiring tailored to the specifics of each job

Our varied business sector and the jobs our employees perform require hiring criteria tailored to the specifics of each individual job. Nevertheless, our hiring reflects our commitments to ethics, equality, and non-discrimination, documented in our business agreements.

When hiring a new employee, the employee’s integration is provided, including training plans and the assignment of a mentor to assist you when you are new to the company, with a special focus on sharing knowledge and the Group’s values.

Career management for your professional development

The diversity of our activities, our locations, and the depth of business areas offer you an opportunity to evolve throughout your career. 

Both employee and company development are part of a common goal. That is why we encourage internal mobility and pathways between the various business areas, regardless of the responsibility level, so that everyone has an opportunity to develop their professional career and build their personal resources.

More than just a job, we offer you a rich and varied career, in line with your skill set. By helping our employees achieve their goals, we build up our company.

Varied trades

Groupe CAHORS has nearly 1,750 employees throughout the world, in a wide range of 180 trades, to offer solutions adapted to the specific needs of its customers. These trades fall into four major categories:

  • Research and Development: Studies and Development, Industrialisation and Methods, Laboratory and Testing;
  • Commercial and Customer Service: Business and Estimates, Sales and Sales Administration;
  • Production and Technical: Manufacturing and Assembly, Logistics, Maintenance and General Services, Customer Training and Services;
  • Support and Strategy: General Management, Finance and Accounting, Legal, Quality, IT, Human Resources, Marketing, and Communications.