Responsible Production


Backed by its network of subsidiaries, CAHORS leads a socially-responsible production chain.

Control over environmental impacts

Long-standing control over the environmental impacts of the Group’s activities is vital to the company’s management. In fact, our main subsidiaries have been certified since the late 2000s, and momentum is building. A new ISO 14001 certification was obtained in 2013, and two others were obtained in 2014. The field’s major initiative is the organisation of days for building awareness and education about the environment. Without question, since 2014, the focus has also been on energy consumption practices at our production sites. The main two sites in Cahors and Toulon are especially motivated.

Occupational health and safety

The CAHORS daily commitment is two-fold:

  1.  Additional OHSAS 18001 certified sites and subsidiaries: two certified in 2012, one newly certified in 2013, and more recently, a new site in early 2015.
  2. Continuous application of the agreement of hardship for its staff:
  • Compliance with the training plan for risks associated with physical activity
  • Ergonomic studies (TMS) and adaptation of production workstations for medical contraindications

This social commitment goes beyond the scope of CAHORS production, through the use of local social subcontracting (protected workshops, etc.) and compliance with ILO principles, particularly in our remote sourcing operations, with “responsible purchasing”.